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Our Process

Best-in-class brands need best-in-class vision

Dopple provides the team and tools to create an optimized ecommerce experience with AR & 3D.
Step 1


We'll workshop with you to understand your desired visual experience for your customers. During this time, we'll gain an understanding of your product information and files. Not sure you have everything you'll need? No worries. Our team of artists are happy to help.
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Step 2

Asset Creation

Whether your company already invested in digital assets or not, Dopple has you covered. Bring what you have or work with our team of 3D artists to bring your products to life on screen. Our team can handle everything from extracting and breaking down CAD information to presenting final 3D models of your products.
Step 3

Launch & Learn

With the final details in place, we'll help you go-live with the most impressive 3D product experience on the market. As users start interacting with your products, you will start gaining crucial insights into your buyers’ behaviors, including time spent, popular configurations, and conversion data.
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  • Art & Modelling

    Our in-house 3D Art Team is focused on creating visually compelling 3D models that accurately represent your products.

  • Delivery & Launch

    Acting as your project guides, our Delivery team will be your point of contact in your journey towards go-live.

  • Integration & Testing

    With integrations for Shopify, WooCommerce, and more, our 3D configurators and visualizers are designed to work seamlessly with your existing ecommerce stack.

  • Customer Success

    Our dedicated Customer Success team is focused on ensuring your success through implementation, training, product updates, and ongoing insights.

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Of consumers say the experience of buying is as or more important as the product purchased.
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Of shoppers returned a product due to inaccurate product visuals.
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More per product is what consumers have said they are willing to pay for products they can view in 3D.
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