Classic Solitaire Engagement Ring

Shine bright like a diamond, in perfectly clear 3D

Dopple's blend of high fidelity imagery and performant models delivers an unmatched 3D jewelry configurator, bringing the sparkle of precious stones and metals to life in an ecommerce setting.
  • Educate buyers on product choices through immersive 3D
  • Empower customers to shop, customize, and buy with confidence from their own devices
  • Increase conversion rates, cart value, and customer satisfaction
An icon depicting a lightning bolt striking a 3D box

Faster purchase

Seeing is believing and delivers a more confident buying experience.
An icon depicting a dollar sign rising above 3D boxes

Increase revenue

3D/AR drive 94% more conversions than traditional product media
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Smarter launches

Bring products to market faster with high fidelity renderings.