Insights and Analytics

Understand an Entirely New Shopper Body Language


  • 3D product intelligence provides an in-depth view into how engaged buyers are interacting with your products. 

  • Out of the box performance dashboards provide unique shopper interaction data, capturing user behavior throughout their personalized shopping engagement. 
Analytics - main


Out of the Box
Pre-set dashboards with out of the box tracking streamlines your launch and data collection.
Buyer Behavior Insights
Understand most popular choices & what leads to higher sales and AOV.
Individualized Marketing

Leverage each shopper's configurations and preferences in personalized marketing.

Analytics - sessions


The Sessions dashboard gives a high-level overview of your users and how 3D impacts their engagement.
  • See all visitors and sessions with 3D products loaded, over time.
  • Compare the engagement time for average users to those that configured or interacted with 3D or viewed in Augmented Reality
  • See traffic by device type
  • Select date range to view 


Conversion dashboard shows how your 3D experience impacts revenue.
  • Track Add to Cart, Purchase, AR tracking to understand impacts on your purchase funnel.
  • Custom conversion events can be defined and tracked. For example, track a “find a dealer” or “save my configuration” as a conversion or soft conversion.
  • Track purchase data: with a single event tag, you can view how buyers are influenced by 3D and configuration.
  • This dashboard lets you compare how interactions impact those conversion rates.

Analytics - conversions
Analytics - products


Compare performance between all digital products to learn where the high performers are and what can be improved.
  • View by engagement or by conversion rate
  • View visitors or sessions
  • Compare product by product: all visitors or sessions, those with 3D interaction, and those that engaged with augmented reality


The Configuration Dashboard displays the most popular configurations with each of the choices made.  
  • Toggle between views by: Purchases, Add to Cart, or Sessions
  • See which combinations have the highest popularity, number of purchases, and the highest purchase rate.
  • See how popular combinations change between casual viewers vs buyers
  • Use the insights to display more popular features first, and increase sales
Analytics - configurations
Analytics - preferences


The Preferences Dashboard gives you a closer look at each option and the most popular selections.

  • Breaks down popularity with granularity by configurable option

  • View product by product

  • Compare option popularity by editing date range


For each product, view interactions and engagement time for users that interact with each hotspot

  • View by visitors or by sessions

  • View by date range
Analytics - hotspots
Analytics - all events


The All Events Dashboard can display any custom event, for bespoke event tracking and user behavior understanding.

  • Compares events by user segment: all visitors, users who configured, with 3D views, with AR views.

  • Example custom events: download, email captured, snapshot, share, completed customization

  • View by visitors or by sessions

  • View by date range

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