Bring Your Products to Life

stunning 3D and AR for that ultimate eCommerce experience

Marketers can shape the way customers interact with your product with the ultimate in product scene design. Design suitable, highly engaging experiences with limitless personalization.  
  • Create immersive 3D and AR experiences that empower shoppers to make confident purchase decisions.
  • Easy to use tools that give you visibility and control over your 3D product display.

Platform - experience design


Design and create highly engaging personalized experiences with limitless personalization – bringing your products to life in stunning 3D and AR.

Shape the Experience
Create just the right vibes by designing suitable and highly engaging personalized experiences with limitless personalization.
Intuitive Design Tools

Motion & Cameras, Configuration Setup, Environment & Lighting, Interactive Hotspots, Virtual Photography



  • Set the default view for your 3D product: the angle and size users will see.
  • Rotate the product and save multiple views or camera angles.  
  • Choose limits: specify how much users can zoom in or out, or the amount of rotation. 
  • You can choose to have your product automatically rotate.  
  • Your product can rotate and zoom to different preset camera points, when your user selects configuration options or hotspots.  


  • Select between multiple lighting environments. 
  • Dopple 3D experts can create custom lighting environments to display your product in the best light, and can set up a realistic shadow.
  • Lighting environments can be transparent, so you can place the product on your website over a background with color or pattern.  



interactive hotspots

  • Place hotspots on your product in 3D, and preview their position on your product.
  • Hotspots will appear on the product on your website, and your integration team can choose the style for how they appear. 
  • Your integration team will be able to attach text, image, or video content to each hotspot. 
  • As users open and close hotspots, you can track the interaction data and view in your analytics dashboards.


Put creative control in the hands of the marketer. Virtual Studio creates unlimited product content at the push of a button allowing you to create content assets and save money costly and time-consuming photo and video shoots. Without re-shoots for new features, colors, or materials, 3D product content provides the asset you need today and the flexibility for unlimited change.

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