Dopple's Shopify App

Transforming eCommerce with 3D & AR

Effortlessly incorporate 3D configuration and AR into your Shopify store to provide online shoppers with more clarity and confidence.

what does the app do?

It's never been easier for brands on Shopify to add 3D configuration and AR to their stores. In an era shaped by digitalization, perfecting the customer experience is a key priority.

By giving customers the freedom to spin, engage, build, and customize their products in 3D and AR, you'll build user confidence, provide a more tailored experience, and reduce return rates.



eCommerce brands using AR drive 94% more conversions than those without.



Increase add-to-cart rate by 44% when customers can view products in 3D vs 2D.
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Consumers spend 48% more when their experience is personalized.

Key Features

3D Product Visualization

We work with clients to create 3D representations (digital twins) of their products. Using the precise specifications and models provided, our customers can display their products or systems with complete accuracy.

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Augmented Reality

Users can view the exact configurations they create on the 3D canvas in their own space via the native AR function on their mobile devices.

User interactivity

Dopple's app features a variety of interactivity features to compliment a user's unique experience, including the ability to create snapshots, custom loading-screens and auto-rotate.


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