3D Configurator

Bring interactive shopping experiences to life


Of consumers said they would pay more for a product they could experience in 3D

Why 3D Configuration?

3D product configurators allow online shoppers to customize and view your products in real time, driving more confident purchases and less returns. Empower your online shoppers to customize and personalize your products to their exact liking-all in 3D.
  • Never guess what the product will look like
  • Digital twins that showcase buyers' exact choices
  • User friendly interface built to delight buyers

How It Works

Optimize & Configure Assets

Showcase your products with stunning realism— using 4K textures, best-in-class materials, and more.

Our platform lets you easily configure the components of your product that can be customized, how options are chosen, and the countless combinations shoppers can select.

Skin the UI to Match Your Brand

Dopple’s API gives you full freedom to customize your configurator UI controls to match your brand’s exact standards.

Integrate Seamlessly With Your Website

Web-based, low-code solutions allow for streamlined launches and more time spent on growing your brand.

Adding Dopple's product configurator to your site delivers exceptional experiences to your customers without draining your team's time and resources.

An icon depicting a user clicking 'buy' on a 3D box


Of consumers say the experience of buying is as or more important as the product purchased
An icon depicting a 3D box being moved to the left


Of shoppers returned a product due to inaccurate product visuals
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How much more consumers have said they are willing to pay for products they can view in 3D

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