AR Shopping Experiences That Convert

Create the “infinite shelf” right before your customers' eyes in high-fidelity, interactive AR.

More conversions on product pages enabled with augmented reality


Allow shoppers to preview products in 3D, in their own spaces. In the highly competitive world of eCommerce, interactive AR technology sets your online retail experience apart from the competition.

  • Bring consumers' product selections to life any place, any time.
  • Create immersive 3D and AR experiences that empower shoppers to make confident and tailored purchase decisions (and fewer returns).
  • Give shoppers confidence and a sense of ownership.
  • Incorporate every angle and every stunning detail of your products.

How It Works

Step 1
Generate Custom QR Code

Once a buyer completes the product selection or configuration process, a custom QR code is generated.

Step 2
Scan or Access AR Mode

A buyer can then use a smartphone to scan the QR code or, if already on mobile, go directly into AR mode.

Step 3
Place the Product
In AR mode, a buyer can simply aim the smartphone at a spot in the real world to "place" the product and view a rendering of the product's 3D model within the physical space.


Don’t create unnecessary friction by interrupting the buying experience with a trip to the app store. With web-native AR, buyers can see their exact product selections using only their devices' cameras.

  • Display your product within a user’s space using their mobile device camera. 
  • View in AR button styling can be customized by your integration team.
  • On Mobile, user open directly to View in AR.
  • On Desktop, View in AR button will open a QR code that can be scanned by a mobile device to open the AR experience.
  • Configured AR - Display the unique configuration the user was viewing when opening AR.
  • AR is available on iOS and Android mobile devices and tablets, and can be launched via QR code from Desktop.

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