preparing for your visualization project

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Have you been considering adding 3D configuration to enhance your current site shopping experience?

Let Dopple walk you through how to get set up for success for your 3D project and the process you can expect when working with Dopple. 

Thought starters

Dopple has a team of experts that will walk you through all of the below topics as you start engaging with the team. This checklist will help you get ahead of the game of considerations you may need to make when initially evaluating if 3D configuration is right for you and your products. Here are a couple of topics to explore as you prepare to work with the Dopple sales team.

  • Product intent
    • What product features are you interested in from Dopple?
    • What paint points have made you consider 3D for your business?
    • What goals or KPIs are you looking to improve with the addition of 3D commerce?
    • What products do you want to 3D for?
    • What are the different options available for those products?
    • How can each product be customized? 
    • Are there any add-on accessories you want to include in the custom builder?

  • 3D art assets


Dopple has built a process over time and with the implementation of hundreds of products that work to get your products built in 3D quickly and launched seamlessly. Here is an overview of every step of the process, what will be involved, and how to get you prepared with your team for project success.



We take onboarding and training seriously here at Dopple. The first few weeks of your project will be focused on getting oriented together on the project and goals, as well as discussing roles and responsibilities before the team is off to the races.

Dopple conducts a kickoff and a discovery session with every new client to get familiar with their products. Here is a list of items to help you better prepare for your sessions.

Multicolor corporate marketing and business strategy chart graphic (1)


Following discovery, both teams should comprehensively understand the project requirements and have the art files ready to pass over to the Dopple team to begin the 3D art creation process. 

Dopple can take in a variety of art files to serve as a starting point. Check out the page below for details on how to prepare your files, what kind of files are usable by the Dopple team, and what types of files work best in the Dopple platform.

During this step, requested stakeholders should be notified and spun up on the Dopple project and their requested involvement. This usually requires a product expert, a marketing team member, web development resources, and a project sponsor on the client side.

PROJECT SET UP and art prep 

Dopple uses a variety of different collaboration tools that will be introduced during this phase. These tools include Slack for full team collaboration, Jira for project tracking, and sheets for project plan reviews.

Before this step is complete, Dopple will have a project plan review ready for all stakeholders to review and approve before moving forward into the implementation work. 

Part of the project plan review includes a review of the Dopple understanding of product configurability of your product. Take a look at the document below to see how you can begin thinking through your products configurability.


The implementation step of the Dopple process is where the experience starts to come to life. Activities that occur during this milestone include:

  • 3D art creation
  • 3D art feedback cycles
  • Set up of product configurations
  • 3D art approval and publishing

This is the most collaborative step of Dopple projects that will require stakeholder approval.


Integration is the final step of the Dopple process before launch. Dopple has two different paths for integration depending on your desired final experience and back end setup.

Dopple will provide all documentation required by your in house developers or outside agency team to set up a seamless working integration.


You have your 3D art assets approved and implemented. Now the final step before go live is doing final testing on a dev site with your team. The Dopple team launched enough sites to know what to check for. Take a look at the comprehensive checklist before launching with your team.


Your Dopple team has been tracking your KPI's for project success since the beginning, and now it's time to see those results. 

Dopple's built in analytics capabilities will help you understand add to cart rates, conversion rates, interaction rates, time spent, and popular configurations that your users have selected or purchased.

    • This data can be used to update default configurations, promote specific, top selling configurations, or to remove less popular SKU options. When

When 3D is added to a webpage, certain analytics around interaction and usage (such as when a user rotates or zooms the camera to see the 3D product) are captured.

Some of these analytics events are already built-in and are captured for you automatically, but custom analytics events may also be created for capturing other actions on your webpage that relate to your 3D product, such as when a user adds a configured product to their shopping cart.