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The Visual Commerce Platform For Ecommerce Leaders

Dopple empowers buyers to view products in life-like 3D. Digital twins bring products to life through impressive virtual photography, interactive 3D visual configurators, and web-based augmented reality built for ecommerce.

    3D product configurator

    Powerful Customer Experiences That Convert

    3D conEmpower buyers to tailor your products with configurable options they can see and interact with in real time 3D.

  • 3D Visualizer

    Let your buyers view products from any angle and appreciate every detail. All in photorealistic, high-fidelity 3D.

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    An orange AR couch sitting in a white room.

    Augmented Reality

    Allow your buyers to preview products in their own physical space before they buy, and feel confident and excited for their purchase.

Powerful Features Beyond 3D

360° Views & Interactivity

With Dopple, your products are presented with incredible detail. High fidelity 3D model renderings allow your buyers to zoom in and view the important elements of your products.

3d product visualizer for furniture

Step-Guided Selling

Engage your shoppers at the right moments in their buying journey as they customize, configure, and view their choices from their favorite device.

Virtual Photography

Dopple includes a built-in snapshot feature, giving your customers (and your teams) the ability to save high quality product images for side-by-side comparisons, social sharing, or marketing assets.

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In-Depth Analytics

Dopple tracks how your shoppers customize and interacte with your products in 3D, providing crucial insights into what is catching eyes and selling best. Measure impact and determine buying signals with KPIs such as time spent, total interactions, most popular configurations, and AR launches.

Product Presets

Promote popular options and easily configure multiple product features in one click with 3D presets. Whether customers choose to stick with the preset or use it as a starting point, your products look stunning and ready to purchase.

Custom Camera & Environment Settings

Fine-tune exactly how your products are viewed and rendered to ensure your shoppers see the most enticing, realistic visualization possible.

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Of consumers say the experience of buying is as or more important as the product purchased.
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Of shoppers returned a product due to inaccurate product visuals.
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More per product is what consumers have said they are willing to pay for products they can view in 3D

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