2023 Recap of the Visualization Marketplace

A Letter from Dopple Founder and CEO

To Brands, Partners and Team,
Thank you.

As we enter into a week with gratitude for Thanksgiving 2023, I am filled with pride and awe at what we have achieved at Dopple. This year marked a pivotal moment in our journey – a time when the whirlwind of Metaverse hype transformed into pragmatic, AI-driven 3D solutions, and we were at the forefront, leading the change.


Embracing the Embodied Web: From Hype to Reality

The media metamorphosis of the Metaverse concept into tangible, real-world applications has been nothing short of extraordinary. We witnessed the transition from nebulous ideas to concrete, AI-powered 3D tools that are revolutionizing how brands interact with their consumers. Dopple's role in this transformation cannot be overstated – our platform has enabled brands to not just imagine, but implement and experience the power of an embodied web.


Unleashing Creativity: The New Era of Visual Merchandising

2023 was also the year when creativity in marketing got redefined. The emergence of platforms like Mid Journey has unlocked new horizons in visual merchandising. At Dopple, we are harnessing these advancements, offering our clients an endless canvas to visualize and market their products. This limitless potential has not just accelerated creativity but has also redefined it, making the previously impossible possible.


Redefining Skills: AI and Visual Platforms Synergy develop new skill sets

This year, we've seen a significant evolution in marketing skills, thanks to the synergy between visual platforms and AI. Dopple has been at the vanguard, driving this change. Our tools and services have enabled marketing to become deeply personalized, not just in product configuration but in the very content that supports it. Each customer's journey with a brand is now as unique as they are, marking a new era of one-to-one marketing.


Educating the Giants: Understanding the 3D Strategy

Despite these advancements, a crucial part of our mission this year has been education. Many big brands are still in the nascent stages of understanding and integrating 3D strategy into their marketing. Dopple has not just been a service provider but a partner and educator. We’ve taken it upon ourselves to demystify the complexities of 3D marketing, helping brands not just to grasp but master their 3D strategy.


Dopple’s brand is built by the companies we work with. Here is a snapshot of some projects we were honored to partner on this year. 

Jewett Cameron

Oregon-based Jewett Cameron develops and builds premium, innovative products in the fencing, pet home, and outdoor living categories looking to improve e-commerce customer experience with a 3D configurator. By enabling users to make more informed purchase decisions, Jewett Cameron are reducing product returns and increasing customer satisfaction.

By building a configurator with AR outputs, Dopple was able to enable users to visualize products within their own homes. The 6ft Infinity Euro Fence configurator was piloted at a tradeshow to educate attendees on the premium and innovative nature of their products.



KR 73% of users viewed a configuration, 60% of all traffic interacted with 3D (1)

Football pad and equipment manufacturer Xtech enable athletes to compete with the highest levels of safety, protection and comfort on the market.

The aim of the collaboration was to increase CVR, engagement time and AOV, and reduce cart abandonment rate, with a long term vision of allowing customers to purchase full sets of pads which could be visualized using AR pre-purchase. In order to achieve this, Dopple built 3D configurators to showcase accessory options for their shoulder pad range using AR.

With Dopple’s rapid turnaround time, Xtech had the 3D solution implemented ahead of the NFL draft. Here's a clear example of just how realistic our 3D configurators are.



High end office chair designers and manufacturers Anthros target the luxury interior space audience with their gaming and working chairs that are proven to enhance the health and wellness of users.

Anthros set out to improve their overall customer experience to enable the elevation of sales, and provide more accuracy when it came down to product visualization. With Dopple’s solution, Anthros were able to add visualization and AR experiences for their chairs and are utilizing a variety of features that are providing data that can be used to further understand their customers and ultimately provide a better experience.


Hoyt Archery

KR 73% of users viewed a configuration, 60% of all traffic interacted with 3D

Industry leader and world-renowned Archery and Bowhunting brand, Hoyt, are responsible for innovating greater volumes of new archery ideas than anyone in their era. Determined to stay well ahead of the competition, Hoyt deployed Dopple’s 3D and AR solution to elevate the customer experience by providing users with the ability to visualize their own customizable hunting bow through the use of hyper-realistic 3D models. 

Enhancing customer and dealer purchase confidence and allowing them to make more informed purchase decisions improves the likelihood of customer satisfaction, which in turn elevates brand reputation and consequently loyalty. Users that viewed a product in AR were able to provide their email address to hear from Hoyt in the future about relevant products, enabling Hoyt to provide more tailored marketing comms to each customer. 


Smarty Roping

Smarty is a premium saddle manufacturer known for its quality, function, and style. All Smarty saddles are handmade by craftsmen with decades of experience. To provide customers with a visualization of a customized saddle, Dopple created a 3D configurator that enabled users to view personalized saddles in 3D and pull them through into their own environment to view in AR. 

By creating a more personalized user experience, Smarty were able to drive demand and better educate customers on different customization possibilities. The process also increases the speed and ease at which customers can place orders. 


Bad Boy Boards


Bad Boy Boards is a luxury culinary brand where elegance meets personalization and customization, producing cutting boards, chess boards, and wood care products that are crafted in small batches.

Aiming to increase CVR and the overall user experience, Dopple built one of their best-selling cutting boards in 3D and AR in seven different types of wood that could be put into 16 different positions on the board. The high quality of the boards is a key USP for the brand and therefore the configurator was also able to showcase the quality and accuracy of the boards, whilst also allowing them to be viewed in AR.

The Bad Boy Boards stores are now showcasing the configurator onsite and using the configurator and AR experience in their store in Denver, Colorado.

Carlson Airflo

5Carlson Airflo provides refrigeration merchandising solutions that create visual impact, build brand image, and create competitive advantage. Building a 3D configurator enabled Carlson Airflo to showcase these grocery units at conferences where they could easily demonstrate their functionality. Not only this, but there’s great hope for future expansion as these 3D models are used to push POC internally.

Dopple built a parent configurator product, the Hussmann C5X-LE 4 Foot Case, featuring AR output with over a million product combinations possible with all the configurable options to best demonstrate the refrigeration solution. As a result of Dopple’s solution, Carlson drove higher quality leads and engagement than usual at their next trade shows which poses great hope for the future, whilst securing Dopple as their choice of 3D technology for the future.


Smart Bamboo

Designer and manufacturer of luxury linen and textile goods made from bamboo, Smart Bamboo’s objective was to increase CVR, use engagement time and enhance AOV to push consumers to buy bundles over single items.

Dopple built a configurator that enabled users to build their own bed, starting with a mattress, and then adding sheets, duvets, pillows and other accessories for a clearer picture of what their desired combinations could look like. Whilst not only enhancing the visual experience for users, it increases buyer confidence and enables them to make a more educated decision. As a result, they’re far more likely to be satisfied with their combinations. The ability to experiment with different components is a great way of encouraging users to buy a full set, rather than a single item, increasing AOV. 



Dopple's Founder and CEO expresses gratitude for achievements in 2023, highlighting the shift from Metaverse hype to practical AI-driven 3D solutions. Dopple played a pivotal role in transforming marketing creativity with AI-powered visual merchandising, redefining skills and fostering personalized one-to-one marketing. This year Dopple has successfully partnered with brands like Jewett Cameron, Xtech, Anthros, Hoyt Archery, Smarty Roping, Bad Boy Boards, Carlson Airflo, and Smart Bamboo, illustrating our impact on enhancing customer experiences through 3D and AR solutions.

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