ShopTalk 2023: Technology Is Touching Every Aspect of Commerce

ShopTalk 2023 kicks off next week, bringing together leaders from across industries to examine, explore, and discuss the trends and innovations driving commerce forward. But while there is plenty to discuss, it is hard to miss a common thread running between many of the sessions. That thread? How technology is impacting business on both the front end and back end, altering how consumers interact with brands and how brands run their business.

Dopple will be on-site in Las Vegas at ShopTalk, and as we prepare to share and learn alongside many of the industry’s best, we have our eye on several key sessions throughout the week. Here are three technology focused sessions we will be checking out at ShopTalk 2023.

Ecommerce Customer Experience Improvements that Move the Needle

After the great acceleration of ecommerce due to the global pandemic, and exposure to new capabilities designed to enhance experience, it is not shocking to hear 80% of consumers view the buying experience as important as the product itself. In turn, brands are turning to technology to step up their game. Leaders from Colgate-Palmolive, eBay, and True Religion will share the enhancements they have implemented to continually impress their customers.

As a leader in the 3D experience space, Dopple is a strong advocate for improving the buying experience across all consumer touch points. But improving the buying experience means doing more than making it fun or pretty; the enhancements must drive business results. Our clients have seen impressive and meaningful results after deploying 3D product visualization on their ecommerce sites; 4x time spent with products and 71% of visitors activating the 3D product experience. Perhaps most notably, clients are seeing 40% increases in conversion rates on products enabled with 3D and augmented reality compared to their standard product pages. We expect to see an increasing number of brands turning to product visualization software to seamlessly and efficiently launch 3D and augmented reality as part of their digital experiences moving forward.

Facilitating Product Discovery Online and In Stores

It is no secret that virtually every product category is a crowded place in today’s market, and the competition for consumer dollars is no longer limited to a brand’s specific product vertical. With that in mind, marketers have been challenged to find new ways to break through the noise to increase product discoverability and convey value to drive sales. ShopTalk attendees will hear from Wayfair, Savage X Fenty, and Meta on initiatives being taken by each brand, and Dopple is excited to join in the conversation.

Perhaps the greatest benefit of implementing 3D product visualization for commerce is the interactive experience it creates for consumers across any device they use. Dopple’s web based solutions empower buyers to discover, explore, and evaluate products from top to bottom and tailor them to fit their needs. These immersive experiences not only personalize the journey from discovery to purchase, but increase buyer confidence which leads to a reduction in returns. 3D enabled ecommerce experiences have also shown to drive higher average order values, delivering significant return on investment for brands.

Sustainable Tech Solutions

Consumer facing technologies and innovations often steal the spotlight when it comes to discussing how brands can improve, but there are plenty of enhancements happening behind the curtains, starting with product research and development and moving through supply chains and logistics. The call for more sustainable business practices has been heard by leaders across verticals, and the ethical and business benefits of using technology to enable sustainability are easily demonstrated.

At Dopple, we frequently talk about how 3D and augmented reality create better experiences for buyers, but we are also excited to help our clients leverage 3D and AR to improve processes and increase efficiencies. Our in depth analytics allow clients to analyze and predict trends in consumer demands, optimize inventory, and design for emerging trends. High fidelity models can be used in place of resource heavy prototypes, while still allowing brands to fully evaluate the form and function of possible new products and features. As we grow with our clients, we hope to expand the contributions 3D and AR can make to more sustainable business practices.

Stay tuned to the blog for updates from ShopTalk 2023. Joining the fun in Las Vegas? Reach out to the team and say hi! Brant McLean and Justin Scott will be there to represent Dopple.