Why Adding 3D to Shopify Benefits Brands

As the ecommerce landscape continues to evolve, brands find themselves in a race with consumer expectations, technology, and competition. To address the changing market, many have turned to 3D and augmented reality to deliver exceptional experiences, drive stronger results, and reduce costs. Early evidence has proven the effectiveness of these tools, with consumers and brands alike reaping the benefits. Shopify has released data showing merchant’s incredible results, 94% higher conversions for products enabled with 3D on the platform.

Overall, adding 3D to a Shopify storefront can be a valuable investment for merchants, as it  provides a wide range of benefits, including increased revenue, reduced costs, and enhanced customer engagement.

Let’s take a closer look at the value being driven for brands adding 3D to Shopify.

Improving Revenue on Shopify with 3D

The first sign of improved performance for a brand is often increased conversions; however there are several other key performance indicators 3D can impact.

Increased customer engagement

3D images can provide a more realistic and immersive shopping experience for customers, which can lead to increased engagement and higher conversion rates. Dopple clients are seeing  4.5x time spent with products after deploying 3D visualization and configuration.

Increased product visibility

3D images can be used to showcase products in a more dynamic way, which can make them more relatable to customers and help them envision how they might use the product themselves. 3D configurators also enable product discovery and education, streamlining the opportunity for product or feature upsells. Products enabled with 3D and AR drive 2x the average order value compared to standard product imagery.

Better product representation

3D images on Shopify can provide a more accurate representation of a product, which can help to reduce customer returns and increase customer satisfaction. Reporting shows brands leveraging 3D see up to 40% decreases in ecommerce returns after deploying 3D visualization. Additional research has also shown that 66% of buyers feel more confident in purchases when they are able to view products in 3D and augmented reality.

Reducing Shopify Costs Through 3D

Reduced asset creation costs

3D models can be created and deployed across multiple platforms for a sixth of the cost of a standard photoshoot, while delivering a better experience for customers.

Reductions in asset management and maintenance

3D models assets are also more easily edited, updated, and maintained to account for new colors, materials, features, and special edition products. Instead of reshooting a product for additional angles, different environments, or other changes, updates can be made seamlessly on the backend and pushed live in a shorter amount of time.

Reductions in Research and Development Costs

3D images can be created without the need to handle the physical product, which can help to reduce product-handling costs. Multiple prototypes can be designed, viewed, and edited to streamline the princess, reduce costs, and accelerate timelines.

Shopify answered merchants' calls for immersive technology on their site when they enabled 3D. With Dopple merchants are going above and beyond basic capabilities and delivering exceptional shopping experiences powered by 3D and augmented reality. Want to know more about how to add 3D and augmented reality to a Shopify site? Check out our Shopify How To Guides and get in touch with a Dopple expert today.