Simple Hacks to Elevate Your CX and Drive Sales This Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect time for e-commerce retailers to enhance customer experience and boost sales. To help you stand out in the crowded market, we've compiled a list of simple yet effective hacks that can make a significant difference. 

Let's dive in:

  1. "Delay Delivery" Option
    Why not enable customers to choose the delivery date of a card, ensuring it arrives just before a specific date. Not only does this allow customers to order when convenient for them, but it encourages users to 'batch sort' their to-do list, increasing AOV. This concept can be extended to products not just cards, giving customers the chance to purchase gifts well in advance while still having them delivered in time for the celebration. It’s also particularly relevant for customers purchasing presents when purchasing Christmas presents during the Black Friday period. Touchnote are a great example of this "delayed delivery' option.

  2. "Ask My Friend for Their Size" Feature
    Enhance customer confidentiality by providing a feature that allows customers to discreetly ask friends or family for size information. This ensures the gift remains a surprise, whilst adding an extra layer of personalization to the shopping experience, and reduces the chance of the product being unsuitable... we all know returns are a faff for everyone involved. You could also use this feature for colour preferences and other details.

  3. Gift Finder/Quiz Using AI
    Implement a gift finder or quiz powered by AI to help customers discover the perfect gifts. Use data provided by the customer to match their needs to a suitable gift(s) - this saves the customer time and effort, increases purchase confidence and increases the chance of high customer satisfaction. Dior's Christmas 2022 campaign is an excellent example, providing a seamless and interactive way for customers to find ideal gifts based on preferences which was nestled within a 3D store.

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  4. Customize Gift Bundle Feature
    Charlotte Tilbury's "Build Your Own Skincare Kit" feature allows customers to personalize gift bundles. This not only gives customers the flexibility to choose products tailored to the recipient's preferences but also encourages a higher spend. No one enjoys receiving high-value products that aren’t suitable.

  5. Send a Digital Version of a Product Ahead of the Physical Version
    Provide the option for customers to send a digital version of a product first, ensuring the recipient gets the right size or style. They can then receive the physical product, or a more suitable one, that best suits their preference by ordering it at their convenience.

  6. "Team-Up" Feature for Group Purchases
    Allow multiple customers to contribute to a single product purchase, splitting the cost among friends. Ensure that the money is only deducted once all contributors have paid, fostering a sense of collaboration and making pricier items more accessible.

  7. AR Messages on Gifts Upon Arrival
    Use Augmented Reality (AR) messages on gifts for an interactive and memorable experience. 19 Crimes Wine, featuring AR messages by Snoop Dogg, showcases how this technology can add an extra layer of excitement to the unboxing process.

  8. Gamification
    Incorporate gamification elements into the shopping experience, such as interactive quizzes, challenges, or rewards for completing specific actions. This not only engages customers but also makes the shopping process enjoyable.


Focus on the experience, and sales will come naturally. Providing a memorable and slick customer experience not only enhances brand perception and increases the chance of a customer converting, but creates brand advocacy and loyalty.  


Here’s a reminder of a few other features that’ll already be on your radar, but might not have been implemented yet (and don’t panic, you’ve still got time):

  • Wish Lists with Sharing Functionality: Enable customers to create wish lists that can be easily shared with friends and family, streamlining the gift-selection process.
  • Extended Returns Policy: Offer an extended returns policy during the holiday season to instil confidence in customers and encourage early shopping.
  • Social Proof/Reviews on Webpages: Showcase customer reviews and social proof directly on product pages to build trust and influence purchase decisions.
  • Live or Quick AI Chatbot: Implement a live or quick AI chatbot to promptly address customer queries, providing real-time assistance and enhancing the overall shopping experience.
  • Offer Wrapping & Personalized Notes: Enabling customers to ship direct to a loved one reduces hassle and provides a super experience for the giver but also receiver. 
  • Data Capture: Don’t forget to not only capture customer details for mailing lists, but use all the technology available to track user behaviour, for it’ll greatly help AW24 planning and understanding your customers in greater depth.

By incorporating these hacks and examples into your e-commerce strategy, you can elevate your customer experience and drive sales, making this holiday season a success for your online retail business.