Case Study: How Xtech uses 3D for ecommerce impact

Xtech has been pushing the boundaries of football protection for athletes at all levels: high school, college, and professional. With a highly complex visual and customized product, they needed a breakthrough way to engage parents and players and help them choose their fit.


Key Challenges & Objectives

• Showcase products in 3D to increase conversions
• Empower customers to easily configure & visualize for higher AOV


• With Dopple, Xtech launched a 3D configurator showcasing the many options of their protective pads.


• 2x Add to Cart Rate (6.9% with 3D interactions vs 3.2% average)
• 39% 3D Interaction Rate
• 2x Engagement Time (6:13 vs 2:52 average)


Challenges & Goals for Sporting Equipment eCommerce

As a digital retailer with complex combinations of pads, Xtech needs an engaging experience to educate buyers on how to combine pads for the best fit.

Xtech wanted to empower their audience - including teen athletes and their parents - to choose the right combinations of products. In 2D, without that education, conversion rate can be low and users without confidence in their selections can result in abandoned carts.

Detailed 3D renderings and visual communication of product specs were needed to demonstrate how products can be combined, and to increase average order value for full kits purchased together.

As a brand that stands for quality and with a premium price point, the level of realism of the 3D rendering was also a crucial part of building confidence for buyers.

Strategic Solution:
Empowering Through 3D Product Configuration

To engage buyers with the detailed features of Xtech’s X2 Custom Shoulder Pads, the Dopple customer experience team recommended an empowering 3D configuration experience. Xtech promoted the configuration experience, which led to 80% of all website traffic at launch.

The new 3D configuration experience empowers buyers to rotate the camera to see all angles. With realtime configuration, buyers can make the configuration their own and see the changes as they happen.

Xtech planned their launch just before peak season to drive increased average order value and conversion in their most popular sets. Over time, Xtech continue to add new options to the configuration.



Buyer Confidence Drives Conversion

39% of sessions on Xtech’s page engaged with the pads in 3D. This interaction educates users on the detail and shape of the pads, increasing their affinity and confidence in the purchase. The result was a 2x lift in add to cart: 6.9% for 3D interaction sessions vs 3.2% average.

2x Engagement Time

Engagement with 3D and Augmented Reality drove an increase in buyers’ engagement time with Xtech products. While most ecommerce pages average 50 seconds* in engagement time, Xtech’s experience grew to 6:13 average engagement time.


Customer Insights

Xtech gained visibility into the complex buyer behavior and configuration choices the buyers make during their journey. This product intelligence gives Xtech insights into future product catalog additions.