Dopple Visual Component

Dopple Visual Component allows clients to seamlessly design, create, and launch best-in-class 3D configurators and augmented reality experiences.


Dopple is designed to work across platforms and technologies, but while our JavaScript API is the perfect fit for some, those using a content management system (CMS) or one of the many popular ecommerce platforms will find that the Dopple Visual Component maximizes the ability to integrate and deliver the best 3D and AR experiences. By using Visual Component, Dopple Visual will be embedded and controlled within an existing CMS using HTML elements and attributes. This allows clients to quickly and efficiently design and launch 3D configurators and augmented reality on their site without the traditional heavy lifting.

Three Ways to Deploy 3D with Dopple


Direct JavaScript API Integration - Using the Dopple Visual API to initiate the loading and display of visual content and to interact with said content. Best when the host site leverages extensive JavasScript for site functionality, e.g. sites built on React, Vue or Angular.

Visual Component Integration - Embedding the Dopple Visual Component in a host site allows for visual content to be loaded, displayed, and interacted with without JavaScript. Additionally, using bindings, site content such as buttons and dropdowns can be hooked up to make changes  visually, still without JavaScript. Best when the site is built on a CMS.

Hybrid - The Dopple Visual Component provides access to the Dopple Visual API which allows the host site to take direct Javascript control over the visual content. This may be a good choice when the host site uses a CMS, but wants to leverage existing custom JavaScript in conjunction with Dopple Visual features.