Hubspot Module

Hubspot Integration with Out Of The Box Configurable UI


Integration - Hubspot integrationHubSpot supports over 100k ecommerce stores, and growing. For brands using Hubspot to display and configure products, Dopple has streamlined setup with a module, in addition to the CMS-agnostic visual component and API. The out of the box HubSpot module has a customizable UI so you can style to match your brand.

For brands using HubSpot or other CRM for marketing, you can also connect other ecommerce platforms to capture each customer’s unique configuration and store in context with your customer’s profile, then use it to personalize your followup.



Dopple's HubSpot UI Builder is a custom module for your HubSpot site. Simply drag and drop the module onto your pages, enter your Dopple client ID, product name, and product namespace in the module fields, and then add configurability options and custom styles to your liking! The UI Builder module supports creating color swatches, dropdown menus, buttons, responsive mobile styles, custom loading screens, and more.


setup steps

  • Add the Dopple module into your HubSpot page and enter the product ID.
  • Select from default loading animation or add a unique loading screen.
  • Full screen, Augmented Reality, and Snapshot features are automatically embedded but can be hidden. 
  • Add configurable sections in the menu, based on the 3D product options created with the Dopple 3D team.
  • Adjust the menu style to reflect your branding, hotspots, and content.
  • Add an Add to Cart button or another call to action.