3D Configurator for Ecommerce

3D Configuration: the ability to customize a product in a 3D environment

What is 3D Configuration?

3D Configuration is a core feature of Dopple, enabling consumers to customize and view products in real time in a 3D web environment. Adding a 3D configurator to an ecommerce site allows shoppers to make products their own with configurable elements such as materials, colors, and additional features.


How Does 3D Configuration Help My Business?

3D configuration delivers an immersive shoppong experience for buyers, and has shown to drive significant business results in key areas such as time spent, conversion rates, and customer retention.

Data shows that 3D configuration:

  • Increases time spent on site for ecommerce brands

  • Increases conversions by up to 94%

  • Reduces return rates


Why is Dopple the Best 3D Configurator?

Dopple prides itself on performant quality at scale, powered by an expert team of in-house 3D art professionals and specialized engineers.

Key features of Dopple include:

  • Flexible UI design and features to accommodate client needs and creativity

  • Optimized performance to deliver the perfect balance of speed and visual quality upon load

  • Easily integrated AR experiences to complete the confident journey to purchase