2024 E-Commerce Tech Predictions

At Dopple, we’ve built the ability to recognize product configuration patterns and are now orchestrating data into an experience creation design interface. The next generation of AI tools will help curate data to specific use cases and display it more efficiently and streamlined for end users.

Future-facing brands are exploring integrating this technology into their existing interfaces.

Given the advancements in creativity mainly driven by LLMs and the great accessibility of startups to incorporate AI tools into their day-to-day workflows….what will 2024 bring?

To make these types of bets, what will the innovation game look like? According to a post by Social Captial's CEO, Chamath Palihapitiya, here is some high-level AI “math” for us to wax prophetic. 



  • Chips improve by 2x next year
  • Models improve by 2x next year
  • Capex scales capacity by 10x next year

This means that whatever you see today will be 40x better in a year and another ~20-40x better a year after that.

So we can expect an 800-1,600x improvement by 2026."


Assuming that an equal-weight of innovation is applied to the asset class of commerce then here are some start gazing bets for 2024.


What are the predictions we expect to see in 2024?

As we prepare to embrace the challenges and opportunities of 2024, here are ten predictions that span across the economic market, digital innovation, visual merchandising, 3D platforms, augmented reality (AR), 3D adoption, and the behaviors of the digital natives - Gen Z and Millennials:

  1. Economic Resilience in Tech: Despite global economic fluctuations, the tech sector, particularly in digital and 3D realms, will continue to thrive. Businesses that leverage technology for efficiency and innovation will demonstrate notable resilience and growth.
  2. Increased Digital Integration in Traditional Industries: We'll see a significant rise in digital integration within traditional sectors like manufacturing and retail. This will involve using AI and 3D modeling to enhance production and customer experience.
  3. Redefinition of Visual Merchandising: With over 60% of consumers favoring shopping online over in-store, visual merchandising in retail will continue to evolve beyond physical spaces. The use of immersive 3D environments to showcase products will become mainstream, offering customers a unique and engaging shopping experience.
  4. Expansion of 3D Platforms in Everyday Applications: 3D platforms will move beyond niche applications to become a part of everyday tech use, finding new roles in education, training, and even in basic online interactions.
  5. Mainstream Adoption of AR in Marketing and Sales: Augmented Reality (AR) will become a standard tool in marketing and sales strategies, especially in sectors like real estate, fashion, and automotive, providing customers with an interactive and realistic view of products.
  6. Widespread 3D Adoption Across Industries: We'll witness a broader adoption of 3D technology across various sectors. From architecture to healthcare, industries will increasingly rely on 3D modeling for design, planning, and visualization.
  7. Enhanced Personalization for Gen Z and Millennials: Brands will shift towards highly personalized marketing strategies, using AI to tailor experiences specifically for the Digital Natives. Even Shopify reported that in 2023, 71% of customers want to experience a personal touch when shopping. Be prepared to see personalization at an unprecedented scale and depth.
  8. Sustainable and Ethical Tech Use: There will be a stronger emphasis on the sustainable and ethical use of technology. Companies that prioritize environmentally friendly practices and ethical data usage will gain favor, especially among younger consumers.
  9. Growth in Remote and Virtual Workspaces: The rise of digital and 3D technology, including the Apple Vision Pro, will further empower remote and virtual workspaces. This will not only change how we work but also open up new markets and opportunities in virtual reality (VR) and AR.
  10. Evolving Consumer Behaviors: Digital natives will continue to drive changes in consumer behavior, favoring brands that offer immersive, ethical, and personalized experiences, both online and offline.

These predictions reflect a world where technology, especially in the realms of 3D and AI, is not just a tool but an integral part of everyday life and business, shaping how we work, shop, learn, and interact.

Take this quote into the new year:  “We can't predict the future. We just help you prepare for it.” - Chief Futurist Ford


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