10 Ways to Use Shopify 3D

Shopify has established itself as one of the best ecommerce platforms available, claiming 27% of ecommerce websites as clients. With an easy to use interface and extensive flexibility for customization, it is no secret why it is such a popular tool. Shopify has also been a vocal proponent of the power of 3D, and research shows Shopify merchants leveraging 3D see 94% higher conversions than standard product pages. But there is far more to 3D images on Shopify than many realize, and brands are just beginning to tap into how to use Shopify 3D.

Here are 10 ways to use 3D on Shopify.

Shopify 3D Images

Shopify has released certain templates that now allow 3D images to be uploaded in place of a traditional media file. This allows merchants with 3D models to quickly add a 360° viewer to the Shopify site. However,  Shopify’s native 3D product viewer has some limitations. Since the 3D model is uploaded as a media file, the 3D experience is limited to viewing only that select model as it was uploaded. There is no additional functionality beyond viewing the product from various angles. This is a great starting point for a 3D viewer, but there is far more value to be gained by creating a more immersive and compelling 3D experience.

Product Visualizers for Shopify

3D product visualizers have emerged as an invaluable tool for brands across verticals, bringing digital twins of products to life to allow shoppers to fully evaluate and appreciate what distinguishes a brand from its competitors. Product visualizers may also be called 3D product viewers. Here are three ways to use a product visualizer on Shopify:

  • Create a product tour using a 3d model and interactive hot spots to highlight unique features

  • Educate buyers on form and function with an animated 3D product model

  • Promote an online exclusive or special edition product

Product Configurator for Shopify

Product configurators drive more time spent on products and increase conversions by as much as 94%. This in of itself is a major motivator for incorporating 3D into a Shopify site, but brands can also use 3D product configurators for  content creation across channels.

  • Inspire shoppers with 3D models showing popular styles

  • Replace product photography across channels by creating an in house photo shoot using the 3D models on your product pages to showcase any and all product options

  • Drive user generated content creation by asking fans to style your products for a chance to be featured

Augmented Reality for Shopify

Never make a buyer estimate how big an item actually is again. Augmented reality allows buyers to take the guesswork out of shopping your site, and focus on the excitement of receiving your product. AR for Shopify from Dopple seamlessly pairs with 3D product visualizers and configurators, allowing you to reuse models for multiple purposes. Use augmented reality on your Shopify site to build immersive brand experiences sure to impress.

  • Bring buyers’ custom configured 3D models to life in their own space, improving customer confidence and reducing returns up to 40%

  • Showcase products on the go, in countless locations

  • Create interactive ads using QR codes and AR enabled products.

Get Started with Shopify 3D

Dopple provides best in class 3D and AR experiences built for Shopify. Our scalable solutions seamlessly integrate with existing Shopify templates, giving you the power to showcase your brand in high fidelity 3D, without sacrificing performance. Want to see more? Check out more examples of 3D and AR for Shopify.