How To Build A 3D Product Configurator: 5 Features To Consider

So you want to build a 3D product configurator, fantastic! By now you are probably aware of the many benefits adding product visualization to your ecommerce experience will bring; benefits such as:

  • 94% more conversions compared to 2D product imagery

  • 2X average order value

  • 4X time spent with products

  • 40% lower returns

But before you can reap the benefits of product visualization, you must build a product configurator buyers will love. Here are five features to include when building a product configurator, plus one step for launching your 3D experience fast.

Motion & Rotation

Consumers love seeing products in 3D, they will even pay more for products they can experience in 3D, but high fidelity models can easily be confused with high resolution photos on a product page. Adding signals can help buyers take full advantage of  interactive capabilities and features. Guide your customers to your 3D experience using gesture cues and movement on the page to indicate how to interact with your product configurator. When using Dopple with your ecommerce site, you can make the model automatically rotate to encourage shoppers to engage.

One of the best benefits of 3D product configurators is allowing buyers to view and customize a product from every angle; however sometimes it is easy to miss a customization opportunity or choice for the product. To further improve the 3D configuration experience, add camera behaviors to bring the feature or area being configured into the primary focus.

For example, if a user is shopping for luggage and toggling the added battery on and off, zoom in to the area of the luggage where the battery is stored, allowing the buyer to see how and where it will function, and determine if this is a feature they want.


Providing detailed information on a product page is key to a good shopping experience, but brands are taking this further and adding interactive hot spots to highlight key features and educate buyers.

Hot spots are a great addition to a visual configurator, allowing buyers to easily discover information about a specific feature or function, as well as additional products which may complement their purchase.


Adding animation to a 3D product configurator is another enhancement buyers will be excited about. Not only does animation add visual interest to a product page, it can be used to demonstrate how a product functions in a way that may be difficult to convey in a product description.


Give buyers the ability to design, compare, and share their configured products by enabling product snapshot. This feature allows shoppers to easily download an image of their product selections, usually as a PNG, without having to share an email or create an account.

Augmented Reality

Research shows consumers are willing to pay up to 20% more for products they are able to experience in augmented reality. Bring the product from online to offline wherever your buyers are shopping from, allowing them to fully appreciate their design. Dopple’s platform leverages webAR, which means there is no need to build or download an app to bring products to life in AR.

Ready to start building your 3D product configurator? Get in touch with Dopple’s visual experts today.