Product Snapshot

Using product snapshot and virtual photography


Product Snapshot adds the ability for shoppers to capture an image of the 3D visualization canvas with the product they have configured.

Product Snapshot allows shoppers to save and share a picture of the product they have created using the product visualizer or a 3D configurator.

  • The image will represent the product as it appears on the user’s screen (same zoom level and camera angle)

  • Resolution and dimensions of the snapshot are customizable within Dopple settings

  • Upon capture, the image will be stored by default in the User’s download folder (unless they have setup images downloaded via their browser to save elsewhere; stated differently, it will save in the designated download folder)

This feature is exposed through both Dopple’s JavaScript API and Visual Component. The JavaScript API enables a Web Developer to build a fully custom “snapshot” button with an icon or button of their choice, which will initiate the snapshot. The Visual Component enables a Web Developer to take advantage of the Snapshot feature through the Native UI, which provides an out-of-the-box Snapshot button.


Benefits of Product Snapshot

For the buyer: Save an image of your favorite designs, share with friends and family, or show a sales rep exactly what you are looking for. There is no confusion about what you need or what you will get when you capture your perfect configuration using Product Snapshot.

For the brand: Delivering a better customer experience will pay dividends in sales, retention, and word of mouth when products and experience can easily be shared. Easily implemented by your internal or agency team, this lightweight function can be used by shoppers to aid in decision making and purchase confirmation, or in marketing efforts to quickly create high quality imagery to be used on web or social media.